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German-Polish board meeting of “Telemedicine in the Euro-Region POMERANIA e.V.” in Szeczin, 26th February 2010: Dr. Boguslawski (IT, Technical University Szeczin), Dr. Kram, Mr. Gajewski (Vice chancellor PUM), Mr. Pyrka (Interpreter), Prof. Dr. med. Hosten (Chairman POMERANIA e.V.), Dr. Köhler (Board representative POMERANIA e.V.) (from left to right).
Press conference for the presentation of the preliminarily subsidy notice by economics minister Seidel (3rd from right) on 18th January 2010 in Greifswald. Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Hosten, Chairman POMERANIA e.V. (2nd from right), Marschall Husejko, Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship (2nd from left), Prof. Dr. med. Zygmunt, Chairman of the University Medicine Greifswald and Medical Director of the University Hospital (1st from left).
Coordination meeting with the Polish project participants on 10th December 2009. Urological Clinic Pam II, Director Prof. Dr. med. Sikorski (2nd from left), Chairman POMERANIA e.V. Prof. Dr. med. Hosten (4th from left), Vice chancellor PUM Mr. Gajewski (1st from right), Board representative POMERANIA e.V. Dr. Köhler (3rd from right), Dr. Boguslawski (IT, Technical University Szeczin, 1st from left), Mr. Martin Rösch (DFC Systems, Munich, 3rd from left).
Visit to the hospital Grifyce, Department of Radiology, on 10th December 2009; from left: Prof. Dr. prof. Dr. hab. med. Zbigniew Kotwic, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery Grifyce, Prof. Dr. med. Hosten, Chairman POMERANIA e.V., Dr. Köhler, Board representative POMERANIA e.V..
German-Polish joint control group on 18th January 2010, Alfred-Krupp-Wissenschaftskolleg, Greifswald. From left to right: Mr. Heise, POMERANIA e.V., Löcknitz; Mr. Lauterbach, GFG Eberswalde; Prof. Dr. med. Hosten, Chairman POMERANIA e.V. (with subsidy notice); Mr. Balschat, Neubrandenburg; Mr. Gajewski, Vice chancellor PUM, Szeczin; Mr. Vollrath, Asklepios Clinic Pasewalk; Dr. Kram, Institute for Pathology PUM, Szeczin; Dr. Boguslawski, Technical University Szeczin.
Inaugural event Tele-Stroke, main university building Greifswald, 14th June 2010: Mr. Gunter Gotal, Commercial Director of the University Medicine Greifswald, talking with MR. mgr inz. Jacek Pietryk, Director of the hospital Grifyce, Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship.
Server room of the Technical University Szeczin (2009): Dr. Boguslawski (1st from right) explains the installation to the guests of the German delegation Mr. Martin Rösch (1st from left) and Dr. Heinz Köhler (2nd from left). 2nd from right is Mr. Pyrka, valued interpeter of POMERANIA e.V. for years.